Recovery and Rehab Options

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Recovery and rehab option depends on the type of dependency; the treatment explores and on the person seeking a solution. There are key components which are common in the rehabilitation process:

  • Intake
  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ongoing recovery or After-care


This is simply the process of finding a suitable rehab center to fit you. This stage involves asking the necessary questions about the medical center. The medical rehab center will also ask precise questions, and you might be required to engage in some testing, in order to determine how best their program fits your individual needs. The complexity of the addiction must be known, drug usage history, and probably your financial obligation for the treatment. All you have to do is to known if the program can accommodate you; you should be aware that their are other rehabilitation programs.

Addiction treatment principles

  • Addiction affects both your brain and behavior
  • Addiction should be treated at the early stage for the best result of success
  • Involuntary involvement in treatment does not mean success. Many individuals have been forced to go to rehab by friends and family and have still found recovery.
  • There is no specific treatment that will work for every patient; different types of treatment works for different individuals
  • Most mental health problems are often associated with drug addiction, and it has to be treated
  • Treatment programs should also check for other co-occurring addictions
  • Sufficient time is needed for treatment based on individual needs
  • Physical detoxification is vital, but it is only the first process in treatment. Behavior change that has lingered for a long tine, requires behavioral treatment and ongoing support
  • Treatment plans must be regularly revised in order to meet your individualized needs
  • Proper treatment will continue to monitor you to help prevent a possible relapse

Rehab treatments

There are basically three types of treatments

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • The mixture of both the two services

The intake process does not change the process in this stage. Intake process are constant which are carried out by the counselor


This is the removal of the nature of addiction from the individual and places them under a new treatment program. Inpatient drug rehab will help tackle stress by taking everything that will serve as a temptation and can cause a relapse. This program will best fit individuals that have long term addiction or another mental health problem occurring alongside which is called dual diagnosis.

Inpatient can take place in any places

  • A clinic: doing it at this location is often intensive, and there is no time to rest because it will be done every time by the healthcare specialist
  • Outside the hospital; private place: this will be carried out in home, there will not a specialist often and to have access to the clinic facility would have to be arranged.

Healing is a Process

Help yourself or someone you know make a complete recovery.


Similar to that of inpatient but the patient would be allowed to go back home every night immediately after the treatment finishes for that day. The reason is some patients have other responsibility handle like their children.

This treatment is necessary for those with less effect of addiction or short termed addiction. It can also be chosen for long-term addict or patient with dual diagnosis.


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