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Inpatient Drug Rehab Saves Lives.

Essential Recovery exists to help families and people undergoing addiction find the best inpatient drug rehab options available to them. Our dedicated team is on hand 24 / 7 and we embody a strictly confidential policy. On this page we answer many questions surrounding the topic of inpatient treatment and the options available throughout the united states.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Inpatient drug rehab is residential treatment in which patients who have succumb to the pressure of addiction look to rid their disease through the inpatient care of professionals in the rehabilitation industry. Inpatient drug rehab programs consist of services for medical detox as well as psychological behavioural therapy and counseling. These types of facilities provide structure and around the clock supervision that many people need. These environments allow patients to focus on getting better without the pressure from peers or their environment in the outside world.

Do I need Inpatient Drug Rehab?

In most addiction cases, inpatient drug rehabilitation is not necessary. However, for powerful addictions such as those surrounding opiates, inpatient treatment may be the best course of action.
Some of the signs that you or a loved one will need inpatient care are:

  • Low motivation
  • History of or suspected mental illness
  • Repetitive failed attempts to rehabilitate
  • Disruptive and tempting enviroments
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We work with more than 30 inpatient treatment centers across the United States. Once we understand YOUR specific needs, we'll be able to recommend the perfect treatment center for you.

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Companies We Work With

We work with PPO and HMO insurance policies. Private pay is also welcome. Call us today to verify your benefits and let us find the best treatment center for your needs! Here are some of the insurance carriers we work with:

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Private and discreet inpatient facilities We assist & help locate a program that best fits your needs, at no cost to you! Most insurance covers your treatment costs Recovery made easy by our loving staff, following your progress along the way.