Getting Sober

Getting Sober

The whole addiction recovery, whether is from drugs or alcohol is a big deal for anyone and the last stage of getting sober or clean is the most challenging one for the addicted person as it requires extreme willingness, good association, and some maybe painful decisions.

But getting sober also means that the nightmare is ending, that the person is no longer addicted, and therefore this should be taken positively>  Below are some recommendations, for you or for that beloved person you are helping going through this.

1. Remove the temptations from your life

Staying sober is not only a matter of decision. You need to stay away from any type of temptation or bad influence that could make you retake the habit. If you withdrew the substance from your life, you should also remove whatever source of the said substance: bad friendships, nearby liquor stores, frequent visits to bars, that must be on a “not to do” list.

You can also consider the money that you were spending on your addiction is now under your control, and you should use it wisely: save for a house, donate it, open a business. Anything that redirects your resources to something more beneficial for your life.

2. Support in professionals and in your family

Support in professionals and in your family

Family and friends will always be there, so just ask them for help. Having a successful drug addiction recovery or alcohol addiction recovery is going to be one of the most difficult journeys of your life, so you will need all the strength you can get.  Reach out for support, make yourself vulnerable, and let your family and friends take your hand and help.

Now, professional help always comes in handy, for example, talking to a therapist can help relieve the psychological fears and insecurities that may affect you. Other friends who are available to listen can also help you, especially those who have gone through the same thing as you, so it is advisable to also stay connected to help groups.

3. Keep yourself active, change your habits

Keep yourself active, change your habits

Sobriety brings an exceptional improvement in the health of your body: clean from toxins and harmful substances, you no longer feel tired, in pain or with a constant headache. The best way to keep that path of improvement is to engage in some physical activity: run in the mornings, go swimming, hiking, buy a bike and explore the forests or the neighborhood that you live in.

The world is now your backyard and your body is your temple, make the best out of both of them.  A great idea could be to form a team to play a sport or join a club, so this way you will be surrounded of an engaging competitive spirit that will push you to perform at your very best.

Healing is a Process

Help yourself or someone you know make a complete recovery.

4. Reward yourself instead of punishing yourself

Reward yourself instead of punishing yourself

Burdening past mistakes can be painful and something that can spoil your whole process towards regaining your life. So, it is much more helpful to concentrate on the things that made right instead of the things that you already did bad, what is done is done and the only way to repair any damage is to make the things right from now on.

It’s proven from several branches of psychology that rewards are more rewarding than punishments. For example, if you are managing someone, try a week of nagging him for everything he does wrong and then a week rewarding him for everything he does well, and you will see that in the second week, he will increase his performance, you will notice him happier and even he will do things that you have not even asked him to do.

5. Decide on what to focus on, strengthen your skills

Decide on what to focus on, strengthen your skills

What about to make a stand in your life? To keep the commitment, you need to focus on the good things and in the pleasure, that being sober may bring to your life. Decide to go higher, reach the job you always wanted, become an entrepreneur, relive all those dreams you did have back in the day, retake a hobby, go and love with all your heart. It is really not that hard once you are conscious of what are you thinking, be aware of your past and your wrong choices but do not focus on them, forgive yourself, and change your mindset to those goals we just mentioned.

Controlling your thoughts is not an easy thing but you have to try.  Get yourself into books and conferences that will make you grow as a person. Go and research how motivation does work and feed you from that.

6. Advice others that went through the same as you

Advice others that went through the same as you

Staying sober is a transcendental personal decision that can take your life path to another completely different place. It can be scary, but you already overcome the worst part. You are sober, active, engaged in some kind of activity that keeps your mind busy, your body is in motion and your mood is always good. You have to work hard for it, and you have been trying to put yourself together and keep going every day, always with a positive mind.

Now, it is time for you to enlighten the path for someone else. You had help from others who supported you and helped you leave that hole in your life, so you have now the strength and the experience to listen to someone else who is struggling with what you already went through. Go to group centers, bring your testimonial of success to others, keep people motivated and help yourself remember what you have accomplished. If you could inspire even one person to stay on the clean track and reclaim his or her life, you have changed a life and the lives of his/her loved ones, and your presence, your past struggles, and your empathy has made this world a better place.

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