Recovery Process

How Detox Facilities Can Help

According to the National Drug Use and Health Survey conducted in 2014 by the Mental Health and Addiction Services Survey, approximately 22.5 million Americans over the age of 12 needed treatment for illegal drug or alcohol use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse also conducted a study and concluded that illicit drug and alcohol abuse […]

Holistic Treatment

When drug addicts try to break free from using drugs or alcohol, they often encounter hitches when they have to cope with the symptoms of withdrawal. These withdrawal symptoms can begin within hours after the user has taken their drug dosage. For many addicted patients, fear of withdrawal symptoms can keep them where they are. […]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment? Dual Diagnosis treatment is an innovative approach in the field of addiction recovery where people who have some overlap symptoms of a mental disorder and drug or alcohol addiction are given an integrated treatment. For patients to be eligible for Dual Diagnosis, they must have some type of psychiatric disorder […]

Recovery and Rehab Options

Recovery and rehab option depends on the type of dependency; the treatment explores and on the person seeking a solution. There are key components which are common in the rehabilitation process: Intake Detoxification Rehabilitation Ongoing recovery or After-care Intake This is simply the process of finding a suitable rehab center to fit you. This stage […]

Some Useful Drug Addiction Therapies

Like so many other medical conditions, drug addiction is likewise named a chronic disease characterized as elapsing in nature. In this disease, a man’s capacity to pick not to do as such gets to be bargained. Seeking and taking the drug gets to be distinctly habitual. It influences parts of the mind required in reward […]

Recovery Process

When someone makes the decision to leave these harmful habits, it is necessary to keep in mind that although the desire to change the way in which they are living is clear, relapse is a possibility. That is why the recovery process is vitally important. Overcoming this stage indicates that the former addict will soon […]

Aftercare / Relapse Prevention Programs

Prevention of relapse is the way to maintain an individual’s recovery from drugs and alcohol. Having a strategic plan is the key, but the quality of the treatment is another foundation for the person trying to recover from relapse. Relapse Drug and alcohol addiction are difficult conditions which are known by the various aspects that […]

Getting Sober

The whole addiction recovery, whether is from drugs or alcohol is a big deal for anyone and the last stage of getting sober or clean is the most challenging one for the addicted person as it requires extreme willingness, good association, and some maybe painful decisions. But getting sober also means that the nightmare is […]