Alcohol & Drug Addiction

How Detox Facilities Can Help

According to the National Drug Use and Health Survey conducted in 2014 by the Mental Health and Addiction Services Survey, approximately 22.5 million Americans over the age of 12 needed treatment for illegal drug or alcohol use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse also conducted a study and concluded that illicit drug and alcohol abuse […]

Heroin and Opiate addiction is an epidemic in the US

Opiates and Heroine Addiction is a Serious Global Problem Abuse and dependence on opiates and heroin is a serious global problem affecting the economic, health and social well-being of all societies. The opioid epidemic is being labeled the worst drug crisis in US history. Mortality rates now rival AIDS in the 1990s, and overdoses of […]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment? Dual Diagnosis treatment is an innovative approach in the field of addiction recovery where people who have some overlap symptoms of a mental disorder and drug or alcohol addiction are given an integrated treatment. For patients to be eligible for Dual Diagnosis, they must have some type of psychiatric disorder […]

When Do I Need Help For My Drug Addiction?

What is Drug Addiction? People use drugs for various reasons, to have fun socially, to improve work productivity and maybe because of peer pressure. People also take drugs to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.  To consume drugs will not lead to addiction, and no fixed point will show that the drug will be a problem […]

Am I An Alcoholic?

Has your life become unmanageable? Are you wondering, “am I an alcoholic?” Am I addicted to alcohol? It might be shocking to hear this because your drinking has not aggravated to an extreme level to be called an alcoholic. Anybody who drinks has the potential to be an alcohol dependent person. A specialist in liver […]

What is the difference between substance abuse and addiction?

The two terms “drug abuse” and “drug addiction” are most of the time incorrectly confused with each other without knowing their use in their original context. These are two separate terms with different meanings, apart from the fact that drug abuse may lead to drug addiction. One can abuse drugs without fundamentally being an addict. […]

Learn yourself when is treatment needed

You have so many things to do in your daily routine and few things just come out of the daily habit of yours. You may be unknowingly sticking to something that you have considered a part of your existence for quite some time, but in reality that might be overpowering you without you even noticing […]

Am I Addicted?

Am I Addicted? Drug addiction is no respecter of personality and affects people from all backgrounds. Dependence and tolerance for a drug can grow very quickly before the user even realizes that they addicted. When over dependence on the drug becomes a full-scale addiction, it can be extremely difficult to put an end to the […]