Am I Addicted?

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Am I Addicted?

Drug addiction is no respecter of personality and affects people from all backgrounds. Dependence and tolerance for a drug can grow very quickly before the user even realizes that they addicted. When over dependence on the drug becomes a full-scale addiction, it can be extremely difficult to put an end to the addiction. Many addicts find it difficult admitting that they are addicted to a drug. Most of them live in denial of their addiction problem for a long time.

Physical Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Some of the most visible symptoms of an addiction problem are those that affect the internal organs of the body. For example, your body’s ability to tolerate a drug occurs when a drug is used for long such that increasingly larger amounts are required to attain the previous desired effect. The law of diminishing returns sets in and the user finds it difficult to return to a normal dosage. This desired effect, obtained by taking an overdose can easily cause addiction.
Changes in physical appearance may be further signs of a drug addiction problem. These signs may include:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Sudden weight change
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Infection, bruise and adverse physical signs at drugs point of entry in the body.

Brain malfunction and disruption to the normal function of the body’s internal organs can be signs of abuse of long-term drug use. The signs vary depending on the drug abused.

Behavioral symptoms of Drug Addiction

What are the symptoms and signs of an addict
Drug abuse adversely affects a person’s behavior and habits as they become more drug dependent. The drug can also change the brain’s ability to focus and form coherent thoughts, depending on the drug in question.
Changes in behavior, such as the following, may indicate a drug abuse problem:

  • Lethargy
  • Negative personality change
  • Over aggressiveness
  • Depression
  • Withdrawal from social network
  • Drastic changes in habits
  • Financial difficulties
  • Participation in criminal activities

The ability to recognize physical and behavioral signs of drug addiction can help prevent further deterioration.

Healing is a Process

Help yourself or someone you know make a complete recovery.

The Way Forward

If you are an addict, you must first admit that you are addicted before you can make any reasonable improvement towards recovery. This article, if read with utmost sincerity, can help confirm your doubt of addiction.
Many addicts visit rehabs because the drugs have stopped doing what they required of them. Once an addict is in the company of his fellow addicts, he/she realizes that they are not alone and this makes the road to recovery smooth and seamless. Whilst in a rehab, an addict is faced with these three conflicting points:

  1. They are powerless in the face of addiction and their life is uncontrollable.
  2. Although they are not responsible for their predicament, they are responsible for their recovery.
  3. They can no longer blame external factors for their addiction. They must face their problems and emotions.

Drug addiction strips us of our pride, self-esteem, loved ones, family and even our desire to live. Without drug recovery, a person can end up in prison, institution and even death from overdose. If you have not gotten to that point in your addiction, you do not have to. Essential Recovery can help.

Administering the drug by injection (instead of smoking it)

Symptoms that show you need drug addiction recovery

You can become addicted to drugs that are prescribed from a doctor and also from the drugs you take without a prescription.

Here are the symptoms that show you need drug addiction recovery.

  • You don’t have a limit when consuming drugs. You will say you will only consume few amount but when you start it is pretty impossible to stop
  • You have trouble with your normal life when you have not consumed it
  • You try to hide the effect when you are around people so they don’t know you took it
  • You never use your drug according to the prescribed manner like consuming an excessive dosage or taking it longer than you should or inhaling when you were injected to orally take the pill
  • Using the prescription and medication of another individual
  • You always go to the doctor to get medication on the usual drug you take
  • You drink alcohol with prescribed drug
  • Keeping the drug, you take as a secret to the medical specialist
  • Taking a particular drug even after the problem has been cured
  • You need more of the drug to get a particular feeling, but you take more than normal to get this feeling (tolerance)

Essential Recovery is here to help. Our drug counselors are recovering addicts themselves, and they can present you with options and guide you to recovery. Call them now at 800-000-0000.

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